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Who's Who


SCITT Management Board

The Board is attended by representatives from all committees and other Poole SCITT stakeholders. It is chaired by Mrs Kate Carter, the Accounting Officer and Chief Executive Officer of TEACH Poole.


Professional Co-ordinator - Mrs Georgina Verrinder

The Professional Co-ordinator has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the SCITT. She oversees the course and is responsible for its development.


Deputy Professional Co-ordinator - Mrs Kay Spratt

The Deputy Professional Co-ordinator assists the Professional Co-ordinator in the day to day running of the SCITT and its development. She also provides lead and tutor services.

Lead Mentors - Mrs Alison Harris, Mrs Ruth Leach, Mrs Kay Spratt, Mrs Rowan Young

The lead mentors are responsible for allocating trainees to schools and for supporting and mentoring schools or personnel new to SCITT. They report to the Professional Co-ordinator and liaise with the other members of the team. They work with a group of trainees as a lead mentor at each practice .


Administration Manager - Mrs Helen Best

The Administration Manager assists the Professional Co-ordinator in the day to day administration of the course.


Partnership Schools

The participating schools from across the BCP and Dorset area provide senior members of staff to sit on the SCITT Management Board and committees. Placements are offered across the Dorset area for school practices and appropriate members of staff are delegated to become Class teachers and School Based Mentors or released for course tutoring or professional development.


TEACH Poole - Chief Executive Officer - Mrs Kate Carter

TEACH Poole is the single legal entity which holds Poole SCITT's accreditation as a provider of Initial Teacher Training. The Trust Governors are ultimately responsible for the actions of Poole SCITT, but the partnership is managed through strategic and development committees. Poole SCITT sits under the TEACH Trust umbrella and adopts many of the Trust's policies.  The Trust supports the SCITT with Mrs Kate Carter being the Chief Executive Officer of TEACH Poole as well as the Chair of the SCITT Management Board and Lead Tutor for the SCITT English course.


Kingston University

The PGCE Primary qualification is awarded by Kingston University who work in close partnership with Poole SCITT.