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The Course

Poole SCITT is a one-year course.

Thanks to small cohort size, the course is structured around the emerging needs of our trainees and our schools. It is carefully designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of our trainees so they are prepared for a career in teaching.

The year is a mixture of taught theory through tutorials and two long placements in two different schools, one in key stage 1 (years 1 &2) and the other in key stage 2 (years 3,4,5 &6). Trainees will also participate in intensive teaching placements which will involve a specific focus. Alongside this are assignments, two of which provide trainees with 60 credits towards a masters.

When on the taught course, trainees will generally be required in taught sessions roughly between 9am and 4pm. Once on placement, trainees will mostly shadow the working hours of their class teachers.