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Is this the right course for you?

Is the course right for youAre you enthusiastic, hardworking, well organised and ready for a challenging but rewarding year with Poole SCITT?

  • Are you able to inspire and motivate children?
  • Are you able to articulate clear and appropriate reasons for wanting to teach?
  • Are you interested in the process of education and learning, for your pupils and also for yourself?
  • Are you keen to be part of a team, as a SCITT trainee and in a Primary school?

Trainees on our course come from a variety of backgrounds, some are straight from University, and others have already had previous careers, some working with children in other settings. We welcome all applicants equally.

In our selection process, we are looking for candidates who have the passion and the potential to make the most of a course which ultimately equips them to become an excellent teacher and a credit to the profession.

Our local schools only recruit highly committed and well trained NQTs, so we need to attract the most able and committed people into teaching

Essential entry requirements

Poole SCITT is a postgraduate course – you will require:

  • An honours degree (2:2 or above) from a UK higher Education Institution.
  • You will also require GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths and a Science subject.
  • You will be required to pass the QTS Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy (please visit the how-to-apply page for further information).

In addition we recommend:

  • That you have a good personal academic record at secondary education and beyond and are familiar with a range of IT skills
  • That you can demonstrate a strong commitment to primary education and to have spent time working (either paid or in a voluntary capacity) in a primary school setting. You may be asked to reflect and discuss such experiences during the interview process. A minimum of one week (preferably two) school experience from the previous twelve months is recommended before application.
  • That you seek a strong recommendation from an appropriate referee who is aware of the challenges of a primary school. This will not necessarily be an academic tutor. It may for example be a Head teacher/Senior member of staff from your school experience who can comment on your work with children.

If you are enthusiastic and determined, and aspire to become an excellent teacher then we would like to hear from you.

Visit the ‘How to apply’ section for more details.


“The course is extremely hard work and there have been times where I’ve thought ‘I’m not sure I can do this…’ but the fantastic support that I received from the staff on the SCITT, staff in schools and my fellow student teachers has kept me going! Although it’s hard work, it’s also the most rewarding work I have ever done – I can’t wait to start in my own classroom! When you get that ‘lightbulb’ moment from a child, it makes it all worthwhile!”

“This has been the most worthwhile year of my life so far! I’ve had great experiences, been very well supported, made fantastic friends and now feel ready for anything the classroom can throw at me!”

“A local provider therefore has a contextual understanding of our structures & organisation. Poole SCITT provides a realistic training environment for students. It is an excellent provision of potential recruitment.”

“ The quality of training is outstanding and meets the needs of the trainees exceptionally well.”

“The three school placements provide a variety of teaching experiences and are carefully designed to develop trainees professional skills and attributes exceedingly well.”

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